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It's almost as if this place is infested with retards who can't into philosophy.

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>In Munich, Planck enrolled as a student in the well-respected Maximilian Gymnasium school. Planck excelled in school and was interested in many subjects. He enjoyed the study of philosophy and was a gifted musician. However, he had also become very interested in physics thanks to his math teacher, Herman Muller, who spent extra time teaching him about astronomy and physics.

>tfw modern physicist are contaminated by the faggots on the right and think that "philosophy is dumb" and not helpful to physics.

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t. bill nye

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allmost all of the renowned researchers/scholars never cared about fame , they cared about their field which which granted them their fame.
Do you seriously want to be pop scientist , known only for your twitter rants ,appearing only in DIscovery channel documentaries about quantum physics and arguing about religion ?
If you want a fame you can become writter/actor or even twitch streamer.

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Pic related

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>judging philosophy on its utility with regards to engineering and medical science
The function of philosophy isn't to do any of those things, so fuck off and go listen to more popsci you retard

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Wrong dummy, nobody's saying Dawkins should be listed as a great scientist, they're saying the list was obviously put together by a creationist because he felt the need to come up with a bunch of atheists to put at the bottom. Someone without an agenda like that wouldn't even mention Dawkins.
This whole ranking post is basically just a rehash of pic related.

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Reminder that if you do not engage with philosophy (analytic and scientifically related, at least), then you are nothing but a mindless calculating cog and not an actual seeker of truth.

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It's easy to look at only the bad shit and mock from a distance, but have you ever actually worked and talked with philosophers? How were your experiences?

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One scientist who has done nothing truly important said a dumb thing. Wow, great fucking argument.

>inb4 memers will tell me theorhetical physics matters

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/sci/, I'm reading this article:
pastebin WvAdkEri (system thinks it's spam when I post the arxiv link)

On page 3, section 2, the author defines A as a L x P matrix. He then goes on to set A_(2i-1,k+P) = 1.

How is this possible if A only has P columns? Am I missing something?

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Stephen Hawking is a fucking meme of physicist and is ignorant. Compare him to physicists and mathematicians of the past such as Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein.

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I think there's no way people can shirk off the setting of thinking that the pioneers before them operated in.

This image is a bit extreme, as philosophy can fairly be subjected to criticism, but not so far as to leave it behind.

My favorite Einstein quote is below. I plan on changing pic related someday to reflect this quote, because I think it reflects better on what science has become today and why.
Super underrated.

>“Philosophy is like a mother who gave birth to and endowed all the other sciences. Therefore, one should not scorn her in her nakedness and poverty, but should hope, rather, that part of her Don Quixote ideal will live on in her children so that they do not sink into philistinism.”

Get fucked everyone who criticizes just for the sake of criticism and doesn't put anything forth, sour grapes, etc.

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Friendly reminder, OP. Also, take particular notice to the Einstein quote.

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>this guy doesn't have a mathematical proof of racial differences so I don't have to entertain opinions outside of my comfort zone
>I don't need to think because all the smart guys tell me that philosophy is dead and we're all the same
>I'll never have any conviction in my opinions because it's all relative and I can wageslave and masturbate so who cares


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Falsifiability was literally created by Karl Popper, a philosopher of science you braindead, retard and the majority of scientists pre-20th century were both philosophers and scientists.

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