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You're right not to, they don't make intuitive sense. It's based on logical positivism. Scientists are stuck in a philosophy where the only good form of epistemic justification is our ability to observe it. It's ridiculous to assume that the only properties which are real are those that we can measure and know.

>Copenhagen was wrong.
>Einstein didn't want to admit that special relativity wasn't a complete view of how our universe works
>Probably because recognizing the current evidence requires us to accept non-locality
>non-locality is impossible in special relativity
>his beautiful beautiful brain child
>probably couldn't stand to give up his beautifully elegant notion of our new 4d world
>him, Podolsky and Rosen came up with EPR and consider quantum mechanics incomplete

Look into Bohm's theory, it's a coherent interpretation that doesn't require superpositions or wavefunction collapses.

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