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If they steal our money in huge ammounts transferring them from one continent to another or are they just retarded this I do not know.

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I believe somebody stole a LOT by this simple scheme.

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here, I left a comment in a parallel thread, telling that sciences and humanities have similar problems: >>11602008
Letters and digits have the same history (letters can expalin the history of numbers and so on) and the third use of the same signs (letters are used in math too) is musical notation (a field also related to both language and math) maybe those three forms just another reincarnation of the three mothers, especially when they're given in this form: Math, myth, mus.
You wouldn't consider music unscientific (because Pythagoras himself considered it so important) and language deserves scientific inquiry no less (even though today that field is usurped by kikes and cunts, we'll take it back)
Also here: librarians preserved Archimedes's book, physicists have photographed it, linguists have translated it:

p.s: speaking of numbers and words for them, how the fuck did picrelated happen!

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you should really learn how easy it is to find information on the internet

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