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>FDA to say are safe
NEVER trust any government, They are the worst "authority" on any subject.

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ciggs are safe and effective too!

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> You don't seem to know the first rule of medicine.
> Everything deadly can be helpfull in the right dose and everything helpfull is deadly in the wrong dose

You will always end up in a fucked up circle of
> got sick because got literally mercury and aluminium injected
> to solve the cancer caused by that
> we inject you with some chemotherapy which is "slightly" modified mustard gas, which sterilizes you and kills you with a chance of 91% within the next 5-10 years and also reduces your quality of life even more
> then because you literally destroyed the functions of your body with chemotherapy
> you need to consoom more poison which accumulates also in your body
> blood thinner (which decrease PH and make your blood acidic)
> which fucks up oxigen delivery to the brain
> which further deteriorates you
> and because you constantly having a metabolic acidosis
> you require some PH adjusting crap
> which ist most of the time pottassium phosphates
> which increase the phosphate levels in your blood which then cause mineral leakage of the bones and make you even more fragile
> know you are also prone to physical harm by just bumping into some shit
> and then you require knee surgery and so on
> which is further trauma
> and to supress the pain you take pain killers
> which aditionally fuck up your liver and kidney

As soon as human intervention in the health begins, it makes often everything worse.
Most doctors don't know shit about the crap they prescribe. They are just well payed pharma dispensers.
Only surgeons are pretty neat.
But pharmaceuticals are not medicine they are just crappy poison which supress symptoms.

> the alternative would be worse for us.
what is the alternative?
Not doing anything or just allowing the person to cure, just like we did befor the rockefeller + flexner report fucked up a culture of wellbeeing. And tricked people into "if you are sick you are disgusting" mindsets and cramping them in shitty "hospitals"

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We don't know because we only have VEARS and are not allowed to use the date bacause "le bad data".

We just have unusual increases of all cause mortality.
And we are not allowed to conduct any analylsis with the only data we have.

And according to german observation:
Its 1 in 5000 shots causes a severe adverse event

But sadly we are not allowed to look since the "data is shit" so we act like the data is not there, and just go on and repeat the same thing like in the last year.

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