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>have a question?
yeah, why do you suck at making arguments
the CTMU has been a meme around sci for years because of how nonsensical it is
unless you want to actually outright defend the CTMU instead of just referencing it no one is going to waste their time on it
also >>11917902

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But that's the lower half, why would you attach upper fins to the lower half?

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Reminder that all observations are correlative and causality becomes a scientifically useless concept without a pre-defined causal inference criteria to work with them.

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does not exercising lower iq

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>What makes you think math and subsequently physics are objective?
you serious bruh

are you implying universal constants, are local constants?

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Is anyone else's brain filled with a constant barrage of bullshit? I can't quiet it down and I'm losing it
There are too many things to think about

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