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because nothing(the absence of something) doesnt itself exist?
i dont know man, im retarded.

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Oh shit I just realized that

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Huge F

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>What do you mean by "perfect"?
not ugly?

>What feelings do you experience while looking at this particular human?
I feel like I want to marry her and have kids with her.

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Because you're a homosex

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Pictures from this thread: >>https://warosu.org/sci/thread/8490995.

We know that success for a mathematicians comes at least from being somewhat *talented* and a hard worker.
How far can the boundaries be pushed though? Are Grothendieck or von Neumann the best we can get?

Browsing the internet I stumbled upon tweaks for diet, sleep, memory, creativity, etc... then there are drugs.
Is it possible to design a scientific program for the ultimate turbo-mathematician?

I'll start.

Sleep: cycles of 150 min awake and 10 minute asleep like in solo sailing for 22,5 hours of waking hours [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Single-handed_sailing#Requirements].
Diet: high in animals fats to avoid crashes and promote wakefulness [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ketogenic_diet].
Memory: using the method of loci to categorize every book/paper/idea.
Creativity and problem solving: read a problem before going to bed like Neumanlet used to do, to have the solution upon waking.
Physical activity: rehearsing your work during long walks like Wiles in the documentary.
Drugs: speed like Erdos but I don't know whether this would help with naps.

Other ideas?

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Too bad no one wants to buy it

But still, A380neo when?

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>tfw even the niggers of Asia have, on average, better genetics than you

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Is 22 too late for somebody who did poor in high school (2.8 gpa) and no prior college experience to work towards attending a good university though Community College? I'm not a typical slacker who NEETs it up, I just let poor mental health get in the way of my academia growing up. Thanks for any response.

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