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Before this thread goes anywhere, I'll say that anybody who says things like "good riddance" or shit about a talented person being weak is always some pseud loser who wants to try and pass off their unwillingness (or inability) to help others as some form of cognitive elitism. The people that do this are universally shit human beings.

It discourages intelligent people I see in universities from coming forward about issues which may be distressing them they don't have the full knowledge of how to deal with.

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Anybody who looks at this issue (or any issue like it) and says that nothing should be done, that it's a good thing, natural selection or who cares is just another pseud who wants to pass off their unwillingness (or lets be honest, total inability) to help as some form of intellectual superiority or detached coolness so they can try and cash in on being useless.

>they hated him because he told the truth

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