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>why did they rush all the rubble out of the city as fast as they possibly could?
Really is perplexing isn't it? Why on earth would a city have incentive to get rid of debris and hazardous material just sitting on the streets? Why I ask. Why not leave it there? Why isn't it there to this day?

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analysis isnt even used in quantum field theory, you useless fuck.

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For a moment I thought I was browsing /lit/

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what's the other one you retard

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>god doesn't exist
explain this atheists

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Alright buds, I'm gonna need your help on finding all these pictures.

Sci retard humor thread.

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Brainlets, all of you. The answer is unequivocally 5 and the reason should be obvious to anyone with an IQ above room temperature kelvin.

Start on the right side. The black segment moves clockwise. On the first movement from the left segment it reveals a new pattern and covers the spoke pattern. On the second movement it replaces the bottom segment and remains stationary, revealing the spoke pattern again.

This simple pattern repeats 3 more times. The second time for the white square. It moves once, revealing a new pattern and covering the spoke pattern. Then it replaces the black square as the new stationary bottom.

The pattern repeats again for the second new pattern. It reveals a new hatched pattern and covers the spokes. Then it reveals the spoke pattern and takes the stationary bottom. The answer is 5 and everyone is a brainlet except for this based big brain man. >>10877811

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>Did you consider that a frog which is sitting silently is more likely to be female than male?

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What dictates how steady your muscle control is?

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>it's common sense
>it's pretty simple when you think about it...
>I'm not going to spoonfeed you
>I shouldn't be needing to tell you this

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His face right now

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This thread is for stupid questions commonly asked by brainlets such as yourself.

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This is what /sci/ actually believes

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>Not really since it varies test by test and the status if the test taker.


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>Stop cataloging every pdf on the internet retard.
Brainlet, it clearly is an actual catalog (directory tree) of an internet site that stores pdf files.

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Why so mad, brainlet?

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>it's per se

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