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I know this is not /tv/, but wanted to know if there are any cool movies (not documentarys) about singla processing or STEM in general where the progtagonist extensivley uses mathematic equations etc. to decypher whatever.
I am asking here because /tv/ only likes to talk about cunny

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Hi guys at /sci/. Not here to give you my homework but would really like some help or better yet links or online pdfs where a retard like me can grasp this topic easily. Maybe it's just hard for me because I don't have and I can't picture a real world example seeing I have no real world experience.
Could you guys direct me to links on (and I don't mean wiki. Something easily understandable yet goes in detail):

>signal processing (What it is how I can use it and and real world examples?)
>analog processing
>digital processing
>operational amplifier (wtf this is and how it is built and how it is used in a electrical circuit with feedback)
>lowpass filter
>highpass filter
>frequency response or transfer function

I definitely need to understand the Op-amp to truly get by.

Now on a side note I do know Fourrier series and differential equations but maybe a short explanation on Fourrier transformation (if it is any different) and what the fuck a difference equation is.

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