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A First Course in Probability by Ross is the text I used in Probability 1, the pdf of the 7th edition is free online.

The book I liked the most though was Probability and Statistics with Applications, a Problem Solving Text by Asimow and Maxwell, it's honestly one of the best math texts I have read in my life. It's more oriented towards actuarial students, but you learn the same information that you would learn in any other non-babby tier probability and stats course.

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This. In order to properly understand what you're doing in statistics, at the very minimum you need to be familiar with the concepts taught in calculus II (integration, sequences and series, etc), though familiarity with linear algebra, multivariate and vector calculus is even better. The prerequisite for big boy statistics at my university is probability theory which requires calculus, minus the first part of the course which deals with Bayes Theorem and conditional probability and all that.

As far as the whole minority thing goes, there were a decent number of black and latino students in my calculus I and II courses, though after those I noticed a sharp decline in those groups in later courses. I honestly think that the "deep seated equity problems" stem from personal choice rather than systemic racism.

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Dude why didn't you document that and inform the professor. It's 12 against 3, I bet the professor had to deal with deadweight folks in their group projects back in undergrad and would have helped in the matter. That's why smart folks get fucked over, you let people just walk all over you. If I was in your position, I would have informed the professor, with several of the other people who were actually doing work, and then assumed control of the project. I've actually done this before, you gotta grow some balls broski.

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Can't post 2 photos at once but pic related. Just learn how to equate that to cup size and you're good.

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>The reason that man has mutton chops is because the pussy kept getting caught in his beard.


pic related

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>economics and statistics reporting in

I'm hoping to go to grad school for a Ph.D or at least a MS in stats, how are your studies going? That's assuming that you are in grad school for stats, not just reiterating the post title. I may have misinterpreted that part.

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>Like no matter how hard you try, there will be 10 thousand ├╝ber smart Asians and Jews that have the same diligence with a stronger natural talent and will outperform you in every conceivable way?

While they may outperform you now, if you have decent social skills and some confidence you will surpass them easily, depending on the field of course. While the Asians can work hard and get a lot of shit done(and be compensated very well), those who are less productive(only slightly that is) but have the fucking balls to speak out and/or shut someone down will be more successful, because most people are retards. The Jews know this very well and that's why the fucking kill it in general.

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