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After years of researched I've compiled a no nonsense routine that will give you a super humanly fast high speed brain. If you follow this regime your mind will simply operate on a whole another level, you'll have matrix reflexes, be able to process large chunks of information in seconds, laser focus, sharp as shit wit, and a crisp vivid memory beyond what you thought possible. If you're shit at your job, following this will probably make you a top performer. No magic, just hard work.
Here's the routine:
1. Dual N Back software (20 minutes) Quick to learn, Get good at it and work your way up 20 level Quad N Back.
2. Juggling (15 minutes) - Work your way up to being able to juggle 4 balls in each hand.
3. Coin catch (15 minutes) - An old boxing training method, get to the point were you can toss 5 in the air and catch them before they get below your waist.
4.Dodging balls/punches ( 15 minutes) - Draw a 5 feet circle around yourself and try not leave it while dodging. The point is rely as little on footwork and strategy as possible while emphasizing instinct, reflex, and, will as much as possible. When you get good enough...do it blindfolded.
5. Meditation/prayer (20 minutes) - it can be any sort of meditation. Present awareness meditation would probably be most ideal
6. Mental Multiplication (20 minutes) - start with DOUBLE DIGITS, be relaxed and focus. This part is very difficult which is also build mental toughness and as well as mathematic and concentration ability
Lastly, watch Bioneers video spider sense and and apply his tips/execises into your life.

Routine/progressions: you dont have to do all the exercises in one day. You can do 3-4 one day and then 3-4 the other day. As you get better feel free to extend the time spent practicing each exercises to an hour each.

Diet/Nutrition: I highly reccomend Matcha Tea. Look b-compxes, gaba, omega 3s, and other notable brain boosters.

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I need information about anhedonia, and the worse it is the more the info on it is interesting to me, i.e. depression induced anhedonia is less severe than drug-induced anhedonia, (which I have btw), because my kind never really lifts. Prescription drugs fyi. Anyways, I doubt any of you can tell me how to heal my brain, but a point in the right direction would be great. I'm hellbent on figuring this out to the best of my abilities, and I have a lot of time, so I am willing to do the work, I just need to get to a point where I'm competent reading studies and what have you. I was thinking my first stop would be studying neuroscience (roughly based on a university's curriculum) and a bit of pharmacology. Thoughts?

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