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lemme see...
I think I got an A in Calc I
probably an A in Calc II
I think it was an A in Calc III
I probably got an A in Vector Calc
I think I got an A in the Calc of functions of complex variables
I think I got an A in every math class I ever took except for real analysis which I did not have all the pre-reqs for and only took for personal enrichment in my final undergrad semester

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I cheated a little bit, and it was mostly as a senior student when I was going to jiu jitsu instead of studying. In graduate school, after I got the prestigious fellowship I had been pursuing as an aspiring grad student, I did not focus on academic excellence knowing ahead of time that I would either be a great physicist or I would go do something else with my PhD. I had have a big discovery, and that career should have been a shoe in but instead I find myself in some nightmarish hellscape of mathematical non-reality, name that my solution to dark energy was not immediately widely accepted. Because the solution is so obvious, namely that a downhill energy condition in time can be normalized to replicate the dark energy spectrum as a Doppler-like effect of Lorenz invariance across spacetime, I thought I would forego the usual resistance to new ideas but I am shocked by the strangely high level of resistance I have encountered. It is like a nightmare: where has math and science gone? I have had several more, independent huge discoveries in the last 10 years and I have encountered strange resistance each time.

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>Jonathon W. Tooker is a guy who has no formal math or physics training
I have a BS (magna cum laude) and an MS in physics, and I was probably within a year of getting my PhD when I got expelled from college for being a serial rapist.
Pic related: you can see my formal math training in the tiny font there.
>Jonathan != Jonathon

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I got a lot of As. In English 1102 and Antropology 1101 I definitely earned As but the female professors fucked me with their PMS.

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