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See the liquid and gas zones in pic related? They are separated by a line, liquid water and water vapor can exist at every temperature in that line. Water will evaporate at any temperature until the water pressure reaches the limit set by that line, then it cant evaporate more.
Boiling is just a point where that pressure is 1 atmosphere

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Yes, they would. The pressure at the deepest ocean reaches around 500 atmospheres, but to solidify water would require over 10000 atmospheres.

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How do you know what the phase diagram will look like for a Vander Waals fluid, for example? My prof is using the fermi notes and Fermi just makes claims that seem obvious (to him) about convexity and concavity but desu I can't seem to extend my geometrical intuition to thermo.
I can't understand why entropy is a convex function out of the relationship it has to heat, for example.

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