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>triggered cs major that hates the thought of being forced to learn

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>i smell a cs major

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I find thinking mathematically, boolean logic, proofbased logic, bininary thinking help me spiritually coprehend logos in greek new testament and my understanding of christ. Also I have taught teens for 3 years and I'd like to get a math endorsement to teach that rather than english.

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Most of the CS majors I knew were would-be vidya developers, apart from a few that were interested in AI (and had unlikely expectations for it).
They've probably got a lot of people wanting to make some quick, low-effort money from mobilefags now.

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>only cs can afford to pay for food

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>t. brainlet

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I'm the opposite of you
I went in literally wanting to get good at all the math and theoretical stuff but I'm too much of a fucking retard to do anything but codemonkeying and/or videogaymes

I'm not like the guy in this pic but I'm functionally the same since I don't have the intellectual capacity to understand real CS. I'll get my degree with a shit GPA and maybe try to sysadmin, I don't know

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This is now a CS thread

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No, that's cs majors in their CG courses.

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Computer science classes are full of webdev types
Most courses are geared towards employability
Actual CS is top tier but not isnt found in undergraduate courses

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My major is CS and I definitely see why it's looked down on.
>draws in a huge amount of students who just want to play video games and watch anime
>many colleges water down the curriculum to what basically amounts to software "engineering" rather than computer science
>seems to appeal largely to people with 0 interest in math or science who just googled "most paid major" and went for it
If you want an example, look no further than the current "computer science" general on this board. >>9576254There is no interesting discussion going on, it's just dozens of posts arguing about finances and money. I'm sure somewhere on the internet, quality Comp Sci discussion exists, but this board is not one of those places.
I remember in the not so distant past, petroleum engineering was the hot major that every normalfag went for, not because they had any genuine passion or interest in it, but because a bunch of sites listed it as the #1 paying major. Computer Science is basically the same.

I'm still early in, but it seems the state school I go to now has watered down the curriculum to graduate as many students as possible and is pretty light on math, which is disappointing.

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I'm in my first 30 hours at a community college and my major is listed as CS. I have the basics of programming down and I like math. I wouldn't say I'm passionate about CS, but it's pretty cool. I have pretty much 0 interest in software development, I don't care about apps or video games and I don't really like computers all that much, I view using them as a necessary evil to the virtually unlimited information on the internet. Mostly just to get books and post/lurk a few chans.

The stereotypes are definitely true. I'm autistic as fuck but I'm self aware so I just stay quiet and don't bother anyone or draw attention to myself. The rest of the class is a mix of foreigners and a few extremely arrogant autistic fags who loudly brag about the most mundane shit. It's a community college intro to programming class, it isn't exactly an accomplishment worth bragging about but these fags constantly do all day.
>yeah dude I totally know how to use the Scanner object type to get user input, it's so easy coding is easy as fuck
Heard a guy say this the other day. I haven't gotten less than a 95 on anything yet and it annoys me how they always glance over at me with these supercilious smug smirks, their face says it all, they assume everyone who isn't a loud fool like them is clearly a brainlet struggling with the class. Every time the professor says anything they raise their hands and spew the most retarded shit with these retarded smug smirks, they never ask anything they just try to show off how much they know. I can't imagine being around people like this for long without going insane. At least I can take solace in knowing they'll probably start failing out pretty early on. Still, maybe I should change majors.

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>t. super senior struggling with high school level stuff in Sipser

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>haven't taken a course on theory of computaion

>Muh DFA are NFA are RegEx
>Muh pumping lemma
>Muh PDA are CFG
>Muh pumping lemma again for PDA
>Muh halting problem diagonalization
>Muh Rice's theorem
>Muh TIME hierarchy theorem
>Muh SPACE hierarchy theorem
>Muh NL=coNL
>Muh NSPACE(f(n))=SPACE(f(n)^2)
>Muh p-time/log-space reductions
>Muh rewriting the stages of a NP computation into a big ass SAT expression to show completeness

It's an easy as fuck class you could teach to high schoolers or gifted middle schoolers.

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agreed, but i still gotta participate

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>muh set notation


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Please do not fall for the meme that Computer Science is a meme

It can be as easy or as hard as you make it. If you want you can study hard and take the hardest classes and focus on low level high performance programming (assembly, C, C++) and study outside of class, that's how you get $150k+ straight out of college.

Or you can be a retard and focus on Java and don't bother getting internships then you make $65k a year for long hours

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Because it's middle school level.

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It's only exciting in a digested pop-sci format to me to be perfectly honest.

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>CS majors don't want to learn CS
>They use their electives to avoid CS
>Then come out as retards that only know how to code login pages with ruby on rails

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Thank you for being the stereotypical subhuman CS major that doesn't have a clue about complexity theory. Keep making yourself look bad

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Protip: The hardest math a CS major will do is induction and baby's first combinatorics

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