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How much do Electrical Engineers learn about batteries? It seems to me not too much emphasis is put on electrochemistry on most courses. Are they only important in ChemE?

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you're right, thank you friends

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>implying his journey goes further than this

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What's the evolutionary purpose of me eating my own boogers?

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Maths are hard and make no sense

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What's the evolutionary purpose of me liking to eat my own snots?

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Say that a general ai was made that met the requirements to be considered sentient. If you took the set of instructions that the computer program runs and followed the instructions all the same on paper (regardless of however long it takes) would it still be considered a sentient being? What would it be that was sentient?

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My head is small. My head circumference is in the 25th percentile for a male of my height. I have a somewhat low forehead. My brain is smaller in volume than most other peoples' I meet.
But I have a pretty high IQ. I meet many people who are way dumber than me who have bigger brains. There's a guy I know who's as smart as me who has a gigantic Witten-tier braincase.
My question is, how is this possible? Why aren't people with bigger brains and thus more neurons in their brain necessarily smarter? Why am I not stupid despite being a literal brainlet?

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s-sorry gilbert strang

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>be me, about to fall asleep
>fall asleep
>dream about lying down on my bed in my room
>see a tall skeleton like shadow figure looking into my room from the window
>get shit scarred
>go to the living room in the dream
>stand there for a bit

in the morning, mum asked me wtf i was doing the day before
none of it felt even remotely real

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Why don't we just harvest lightning for energy?
>it's a lot of power!!!
Transformers exist you can just put a kilometer of wrapped coil to lessen the charge that you distribute to a storage warehouse. Or hell why even transfer it? Why not store that energy from plasma (lightning) to plasma and have plasma energy storage? Am I retarded? It seems like plasma has a lot of energy in it so you could just use it as storage for high amounts of energy.

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Deleting clover as we speak, sorry

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proving or disproving the existence of true randomness

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Can anyone help a dumbfag here?

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Would anyone be willing to share the full text of this?

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What do sci thinks of nuclear glass sand being found on the sahara deserts that is similar to nuclear tests sand?

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Why don't we use modern technology to make steam machines again?

Is not like fucking heated water is going to pollute.

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passed Calc II the fourth time I took it, now I can finally get to take my engineering classes my fifth year into college

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to put penis vagina

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Its impossible to get to infinity. Of course x/(x+1)^n doesn't sum 1. What the fuck do you think 0.999.... is for?

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Why do Math and Physics majors keep telling me my meteorology degree is useless? Why are you so mean?

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how hard is to learn to use a neural network (AKA some tensorflow library) to get shit like making a neural network that will take my voice and make it sound like an anime girl or a videogame character?

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ok faggots, I have one idea for something that could get you a nobel prize or make you rich.

Imagine a sort of paint that could store sun light as energy somehow and then when there's not sun light it starts to shine like a bulb.

pls steal my idea, I'm just some NEET schizo with million ideas.

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do u think better nutrition is a good alternative treatment to non infection diseases rather than what the pharmaceutical industry shills you in college?

I'm trying to ask if a lot of illness aren't simply better treated by improving the patient nutrition?

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