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>Like clockwork
I think I've seen you in another very similar shit post very similar to this one and there you keep on answering 'like clockwork'. Shit, didn't know we are already getting AI trolls.

Also, gender ideology is not science or math, fuck off.

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Sentient pudding detected!

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Happy to take that interpretation, but how exactly is that not just defending a position of presumed superiority?

If you can't pass by satisfying either the ego of the teacher's lesson or the certifier, then is it not just intellectual grooming?

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No, there is literally nothing more energetic than my desire to consume all into all that which I will forget, and repeat the cycle once more (AND NOW FOR ETERNITY BECAUSE SISTER EARTH WILL NEVER LET ME FORGET!)

In laymen's terms that's called me telling you, the other 'black hole', to FUCK OFF AND NEVER CALL ME AGAIN! REEEE!


>Sure, we can still fuck.

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Is nobody gonna be alarmed literally almost half the population are virgins at the age group 20-30?

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What cs class is worth taking as a math major (if any)

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Is it worth it studying the basics of math again if you're already at advanced stuff?

I.e. Solving basic linear equations after doing taking advanced linear algebra

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*synthetic ai will never replace biological ais, synthetic ai will only become a tool for biological ais to use

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As we can clinically assess, judging by its use of language here. There is a lesson from the brainlet here we can study.

Observe as it uses its attempted "logic" as a way of deflecting the conversation towards "development" as opposed to the capacity of ones own brain.

We can see here that it deludes itself into this thinking in order to protect itself from becoming a full NPC once more.

Schrodingers Experiment allows us to derive an observation from the brainlet in this super position of NPC and semi-conscious half-life.

While it is true within the possible spectra of effects that some brainlets may in fact be limited by emotional bindings and possibly even become fully "human", if you will, once liberated from them, this phenomena has yet to ever be observed at present and so most of the time, a brainlet will fall back into being the more simplistic and humble NPC due to its limited brain space.

This is true for all brainlets. Much like the humble lab rodent, it attempts most of its tasks with a fervent and honest gusto, however it is little more than this. An emotion.

An emotive blob of pink flesh.

Brainlets are evidently not human in this regard.

In summary:

Brainlets, simply put, aren't really people.

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