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Great question! Nobody cares though because fields and numbers are the more important psychosis to focus on in current year.

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>if you know how something works you should be able to predict its workings
Only a polish psychic predicts the past, anon.

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Behold, the time cube everyone.

>They aren't secrets anon,
What fantasy world do you live in?

>they have have been publish in scientific research, books and they even thought in universities.
...which are now classified. By the department of defense. Oh shit, are you a glow yourself releasing some classified info here? Big day today for you guys isn't it? What with the totally organic threat of the "day of hate" and all.

>Not all satilites are government, the majority aren't government satilites.
And do you think any of them refer to Einsteins velocity composition laws? Maybe modified ones.

>And you seem to be ignoring the ISS and atomic clock examples.
Yes. Those are both driven by the archaic hertzian waveform you scientists refer to as "electricity/electrification". A phenomena created and altered by magnetic field changes. And you think any of that has to do with the reified non existent measure we call "time" how?

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>Lets take the soul for example, the soul does not solve consciousness, it just moves the problem somewhere else.
The soul is no where specific and that is how it "works". It's the absence matter chases. The falling is what you call matter being "animated", but that is just another word for "oscilallates until energy is gone". An illusion of the mass being animated when in reality it is being negated.

You are never going to point to a place where "soul" is. Buddhists over time misinterpreted their doctrine as a denial of the soul when it simply states that it just couldn't be found anywhere specific. That's not a denial.

>Where does he say the brain can't produce consciousness though?
Your future tombstone.

>What something does is something
>Verbs are Nouns now

Just flip your entire understanding off everything else upside down while your at it. Yes the radio IS the signal it tunes to, right? And when you break it the signal goes with it!

>if this were true it would be easy to replicate in a lab
>What is a magnet

Ah, but an "arrangement" is not matter itself

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>I’m starting to lose interest.
Magnetism. You know, the 3 dimensional field that every mass has? Compasses? The entire earth has one?

>Are you capable of making a reply that can convince me you’re not picrel?
Pretending to be retarded is much more persuasive than pretending to be smart, not that I'm pretending to be anything specific on this anonymous imageboard let alone smart or retarded.

>Are you on any drugs rn?
The thing that pisses me off most about drug addicts is when they believe being incoherent and having abnormal psycho trips will somehow make more sense of a place that already makes no sense. That and all the other peoples lives they destroy including their own.

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>they don't use aerodynamic force they can look like anything
Oh, so like magnets.

>That was the original prototype shape of the aircraft made by Nazi Germany during WW2
Oh so is that why all of these "UFO'S" conveniently have air traffic control lights?

>unidentified sighted
Whoa bro.

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>The Pentagon disclosed the existence of UFOs.
How nice of them. I'll continue trusting my two eyes instead of what the government tells me, thanks. It's not that I don't believe them, it's that their track record for lying is almost longer than the truth one.

>The consciousness field allows manipulations of 4D spacetime such as teleportation,manifestation, astral projection, telekinesis, telepathy, remote viewing, non-local multiple existence, levitation, and likely zero-point energy.
And what properties does "space", "time/spacetime" have that allow it to do that? I'm pretty sure the only thing that even comes remotely close to doing any of those things is a magnet. No we don't know how they work.

>The brain is electromagnetic and quantum
The difference being?

>Much of the science developed by Tesla is based on electromagnetics.
All of it is. Electromagnetism/magnetism is the only thing propping the "particles" into existence to be read by (another electromagnetic phenomena)

>The holographic screen, holographic d-brane, and universal hologram are synonymous.
Have you ever made a "Family tree" before? Have you noticed all the "humans" on that tree look similar and all come from other humans?

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>boil water but make it complex.
Can't we just figure out how the fucking magnet works yet?

>that generates electricity directly from the magnetic pulses
That's how all "electricity" is "generated" yes. You still need the geomanced copper archform though that has absolutely no correlation/causal link to whatever the fuck it is you're wasting at the burn site.

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Mother nature doesn't dish a free lunch out. Winter comes to remind people like you who really runs things. Also:

>because I don't have my energy loicense?
If you don't have an energized busbar, no you are indeed not getting shit.

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>All atoms move randomly
Lol no

>You're 100 years behind in knowledge.

>All particles move in expected ways, through evolution of wave function.
"Waves" of what?


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Another good example, it would be like trying to answer:
"How fast can a magnet travel in iron filings"

It's indeterminable, it distorts and manipulates the "distance" being measured by which it would "travel". Also technically speaking the magnet "does no work" so how is it traveling in the first place? It's moving the material around and making the means of travel less retarded. Literally.
Ponder this the next time you think UFO's are powered by shitty bottle rockets.

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