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The most recent IGSCE extended Maths workbook literally doesnt give you the answers at the end and its so fustrating!

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Why is impedance for an inductor and capacitor given by the complex number multiplied by angular frequency and inductance/capacitance? I understand the intuitive reason behind phase shift and induced voltages in inductors, but what is the rigorous reason for multiplying C or L by omega? Is it just because the impedance is linearly related to angular frequency and doubling frequency doubles the induced voltage?

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>the 4chan virus will give you herpes and then you'll be a virgin 4ever
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>be me
>first year physics major
>know the whole syllabus 2 years prior and better than the back of my hand
>play vidya and watch anime all year
>finals show up
>10 questions 3 hours
>2 ezy
>finish all the work and check multiple times, dead sure everything is correct
>results come in
what have I become, my sweetest friend

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