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>I had my hormones tested, and my doctor said I had the estrogen levels of a young woman.
Diet and environmental toxins from plastics.

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Micro-plastics are now part of a balanced and healthy diet slave. Consume them and get back to your pod as your WEF masters demand.

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>Puberty is Getting Younger Every Year
Obesity caused by high-carb western diet with too many refined sugars like HFCS, CS, fructoses, etc.

Obesity also caused by increased estrogens in water supplies from women taking birth control pills and 25% of the population on anti-depressants.

Obesity due to hormone disruptors such as plastics, from food containers, microplastics, off-gassing of plastics in household items and clothing, etc.

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>Who thought this was a good idea?
Your government overlords.
Now eat your pharmaceuticals, plastics, and bugs and get back in your pod, slave.

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