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You brainlets need to shut the fuck up. This channel used to be fucking awful, and it's gotten so much better than it was back in the day, it's kind of amazing how much they've improved. Don't believe me? Go watch their video conspiracy debunking heuristic video from 2014, then compare it to the recent weaver ants video, or the intelligence video. The only reason they do those shitty political propaganda essays is because they were paid a fuck ton of money to animate them. Animated videos like these are not profitable, or easy to promote on that platform. Basically all of their stuff is philosophically retarded, and none of it is well researched, and half of it is fucking wrong, but this channel is literally just popsci tripe, it isn't taught in schools. It is supposed to look cool, and you're a brainlet if it upsets you. I like some of their videos, I like to see how much they get correct. I like the animation, and I like the birds very much.

Thunderfoot is fucking retarded bro. Everything he says is obvious back of the envelope shit you should be able to do yourself. What a faggot.

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I think so

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\text{Let }(a_1, b_1), (a_2, b_2), \ldots, (a_n, b_n)\text{ be the vertices of a convex polygon which con-}
\text{tains the origin in its interior. Prove that there exist positive real numbers }x
\text{and }y\text{ such that}
\qquad \quad ~ (a_1, b_1)x^{a_1} y^{b_1} + (a_2, b_2)x^{a_2}y^{b_2} + \cdots + (a_n, b_n)x^{a_n}y^{b_n} = (0,0).

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