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The problem is procrastinate-able. The time-scale of a human lifespan promotes short-term gain over long-term suffering.
Government is never really proactive at preventing problems. It is only reactive to problems that have already occurred. That is when government is most needed and has most power as well.
Taking action usually means doing things the more difficult and expensive way. Action would also require "unfair" government action in the private sector.
The system believes it is the best system. Sadly, the only way I think it will change is if it is proven wrong through calamity. And even if calamity happens to prove it wrong, it will just improperly diagnose the cause of the calamity in order to justify not changing.
Everyone is drunk off the kool-aid and won't know it is poisoned until it is too late.

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He is so spooked by the axiom of choice.
I bet he throws out well-ordering as well.
He should stick to playing the Peano.

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>Be scared of irrational numbers
>Square the trig functions
>No more square roots!
>Look! I can get the same results with my "better" functions.
>Everything is more complicated
>Well, my formulas are new even though they are a simple translation of pre-existing results.
>Tries to convince everybody to switch to his convention.
>We should teach it to highschoolers because they can't comprehend square roots.
>TFW nothing new
>TFW more complicated
>TFW trying to sell books

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Reminds me of Applewhite...

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