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academic papers are as useful as toilet paper

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>read a paper
>into the trash it goes

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>People who want to understand the math
How can I visualize this mathematical abstraction to better refine my intuition? Its unfortunate that my teachers don't actually show me how this works and just expect me to memorize and repeat like a monkey

>People who want to get grades
Okay, I memorized this equation and the 15 or so properties I'm going to be required to explain on the test

>People who don't care about school
Math test? heh I'm just playing some LoL right now, oh shit I need to learn everything about this class in less than 2 weeks or I'm going to fail

Who do you think will do best on their math?

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Science is religion for the current age.

People who think themselves to be intelligent, they refer to high level concepts in quantum theory and in Biology but don't have not done calculus 2 or 3 or even studied biology at a college level.

We live our lives the way our elders did. We go to the priests and learn from them the truth about the universe without understanding the base concepts ourselves and repeat it to ourselves to comfort us.

The priests are not fools but they do fool others, when they want they will drop misleading information to steer people into a direction they wish, at times.

Science relies on trust, if we do not trust each other, we no longer have science, if we trust without doubting, we allow these bad actor to enter and start manipulating.

Do you honestly expect a 50 year old bus driver to spend his nights reading up on the latest academic papers, do you expect a woman with two children to have time to read and understand articles not aimed at the masses?

How can we expect people to fallow science but also not believe through faith alone? Its not possible, science always requires faith, not only on the bases of data and analysis but also faith that people being put into high positions through merit.

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