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What is the common force of electric and magnetic fields that make the synchronize ?

also what common "thing" carries them?

do I have to just accept it as it and move along?

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Why are people from Southern Europe and Turks so hairy?

What's the evolutionary advantage?

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I had Corona , how do I heal my brain damage?

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but I don't want a corona shot every year

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what's the best font for lecture notes written with latex?

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why do we have to go all this trouble to keep the boomers alive?

please someone explain

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>if and only if

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I had Corona,

wasn't that bad

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Isn't dying in your sleep super scary? You will go to sleep and never wake up, not even realizing you're dead

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>book tells you not to skip this intro
>skip it anyway

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Why are we so good at judging another person's intelligence?

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How do I stop using emotes in online conversations? They make you look less intelligent

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Show me an example were a vaccine caused major side effects years after administration?

prove that the corona vaccine could be dangerous

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OP here

but what about the potential permanent health issues caused by corona?

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6th semester EE and I still don't understand Laplace transform intuitively

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is sin or cos the mother of trig functions?

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The sun has fallen out of orbit and is headed towards Earth. Is there any way for us to protect our selves?

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By how many percent can you the electron charge before matter in the universe would be ripped apart?

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How probable is the existence of more universes?

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why do I think of someone as unintelligent when they speak in a monotonous tone?

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When did it hit you that every second person has a two digit IQ?

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Why is the universe so incredibly young? It doesn't make sense.

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can something move a shorter distance than a Planck length? if not , does that mean space is discrete?

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what if we get our new telescopes out and discover that the galaxy is full of planets with signs of life in their atmospheres?

would it mean the end of religions ?

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