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we have the exact fucking same breed of idiot in the eastern states over in australia

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/med/, is there a term for when the following sxs happen?

>seem to lose all depth perception very rarely and it's paired with an incredible weird and unpleasant feeling of tunnel vision, usually late at night and when I'm looking at one thing for a long time, I am very short-sighted in one eye and while I seem to see things in 20/10, I get the feeling my brain turns off vision output preferentially based on whether I'm looking at things closely or at normal range
>the most quiet noises seem to be a lot louder than normal, almost overpowering, like a sensation of sorts just pushing in on the edges of where my depthless tunnel vision is focusing on
>the smallest physical sensation is also the same, and grows to be gradually completely unbearable, to the point where things seem to be spinning kinda

I had this happen in a few dreams for some reason and I have this further sensation where even though I've lost the feeling of depth perception, it feels like I'm in a very large space and everything is just crushing me

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