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>phd in math
>any job i want
>300k starting

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You got a degree in math because of this meme? Says more about you than the degree itself.

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>PhD in mathematics
>any job I want
>300k starting

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>which the AI plays against copies of itself, without any data
>of human or prior AI play used as input

impressive. can someone explain why he didn't just hook it up to online poker and make millions or maybe he already did and is only now releasing it.

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What science job will get me $300k starting?

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Oh I don’t have to worry about money

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don't study stem. stem shortage is a meme. acadamics is full of nepotism, pay is incredibly low compared to working. engineering jobs pay very badly, most of the time you get a "salary" so your overtime is not paid (if you do the math you earn less than a technician). there is a shortage of stem people who won't work for peanuts under horrible pressure.

industry push for this "stem shortage" meme so they can hire indians/chinese who are dependent on their jobs(if they lose their job, they lose their visa and off to the third world they go) so they can make them work for peanuts.

i wish i had studied finance / law or something that actually made money. people who defend this "STEM" bullshit are either students who got scammed into it, third worlders who got visas in first world (well they could've studied something much easier and made much more money while moving to first world at the same time but they are coping) or scientists/academicians who pursue this purely for their own enjoyment (aka they don't want to make tons of money)

sure on average an engineer earns more than an accountant but the effort engineer puts is atleast three times more than an accountant. it is horrible and soul crushing.

any STEM worker with over 5 years of experience will confirm what i am saying. i repeat, there is no shortage of STEM graduates, there is only shortage of STEM workers with over 10 years of experience who would work over 70 hr a week for <100k$.

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I am now 100% certain STEM is a fucking meme pushed by big corporations to drive down wages even lower, and there is no shortage of STEM graduates.

Business majors have more job opportunities
Better pay than most engineers (if you join any major banks etc. does not apply to smalltime managers but you'll move up eventually and get a better pay. plus you get paid overtime most of the time whereas engineers get paid a "salary" which means no overtime)
Banks/Large Firms offer private insurance on top of government one, so far even DAIMLER AG does not offer that to engineers.
Better job security. Its much harder to replace a manager than an engineer.

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>phd in math
>300k starting
>any job I want

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>PhD in math
>any job I want
>300k starting

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>I'm from /x/
Funniest post ITT

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Based mathematicians I need your help.

What's the best weighted kappa to use for three raters?

I will have n=≤89 cases which will be graded like so “<10%”, “10-20%”, “2-3%”, “>30%”, &c.

I can't find any statistics package for calculating weighted kappa with three raters so I think im just going to end up converting the percentage categories into nominal values and then use Fleiss's kappa. Presumably this is not going to be as accurate?

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>Ph.D. in math
>any job I want
>$300k starting

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>I’m getting my phd in mathematics..

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>physics associate's
>300k starting

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counting and sorting banknotes

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> Be topologist
> Drink coffee from coffee cup
> Handle breakes off
> can still hold coffee but is no longer homeomorphic (topologically equivalent )
> bottom breaks off
> can no longer hold coffee but is topologically equivalent to the original cup
> mfw

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What kind of math (or physics maybe) field should I focus on for my postgrad?
I'm not going to be a academic. I want to get a $100k+ position and eventually move into management and maybe even setup my own business later in life.

Literally just asking what the market is currently paying the most for.

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CS is basically math++, and a CS graduate is considered élite, capable of mastering in 1 year what math graduates do in 2 years. Deal with it!
World's élite universities (e.g. MIT, Princeton) will tell you right away that as their CS student you are considered the best group they have and that math students go slower than you, and increase your load to crazy levels As a CS student, you are expected to master (continuous) calculus, discrete calculus (discrete math proofs, hypercubes for parallel algorithms), optimization (machine/deep learning, compilers), category theory (functional programming), logic (up to automated proofs, i.e. including set theory), differential equations, topology (computational geometry, distributed algorithms), probability and statistics (reinforcement learning, queueing), number theory (cryptography), graph theory (almost everywhere)... There is no functional analysis needed yet, but it's heavily used for PhD degrees anyway. You need to know all this down to the level of proving theorems if you want to achieve anything in CS While pure math & physics progress slowed down, the advances in CS are fast and accelerating. CS is the major of future. Math jobs are shrinking; CS jobs will grow even more than today. The AI revolution is here, from Google search to Uber pool to auto correct to recommendation engines, mathematicians are being left in the dust by algorithms from the 90's and just sheer brute force.

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>area of study

>highest level

I'm better than you.

>Ph.D. in Math
>any job I want
>$300k starting

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I used the wrong image, chill.

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>Ph.D. in Math
>any job I want
>$300k starting

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Anyone ever just lose their inner flame for mathematics? I'm halfway my masters degree now and thinking why the hell I want to spend 4 more years after this doing a PhD getting paid like shit. I used to be super motivated, top of the class, I really wanted to do a PhD, I wanted to learn new things, contribute new things, and I was genuinely interested. Now I just feel like I'm passing courses for the sake of it, with zero passion.

I'm thinking why go through all this shit, 4 years of getting paid like crap, having to keep living "like a student", having to grade exams and homework assignments all the time, just so I can prove some stupid things maybe 4 people in the world care about. I love discovering, finding things out, solving the problem, but I'm thinking, is this really worth all the bullshit I will have to deal with?

Then comes the hell after doing a PhD: fighting for postdoc positions. Moving places every 2-3 years, hoping some shit uni at the other side of the planet will take you and put on a project you're semi-interested in. MAYBE after 4-6 years of this you will find a tenure track position, where you will also constantly have to go above and beyond all the time to prove you're worth hiring for a tenured position.

And I'm thinking: why? Why would I want this? I could instead just take a job in the industry, and live a comfortable exciting life. Never having to worry about money (>300k starting salary), not constantly have to take my work home with me, people not laughing at you and telling you to "get a real job".

I'm sort of feeling bad about this entire thing, I'm the "smart guy" that will SURELY go on to do a PhD after their masters, but I just don't have this internal motivation anymore to do it. Something inside of me changed, and I'm gradually losing interest in mathematics entirely. I will disappoint everyone by going to industry.

>inb4 brainlet cope

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