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1st amendment protected free speech?
This is dangerous to democracy

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>if it saves even one life...

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Infinite sets exist even though we’ve never seen them. Undefinable real numbers are real even though it is never been proven that they are required to satisfy the real axioms. Some infinities are bigger than other infinities. Paradoxes are just a natural part of mathematics. There is no correct approach to mathematics, no system is true and consistent, you can just make up axioms as long as they appear to be consistent with each other, never mind the real world and intuition.

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>he thinks that it was actually his idea not to watch the show

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>glyphosate bad

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If we dont [Moneylaundering Scheme #1] and at the same time invest in [Moneylaundering Scheme #2] then the Earth will [doomsday scenario] in [Current year + 30].

You have to accept that [undesireable behaviour #1] and [undesireable behaviour #2] are not sustainable in the long run. We need to move towards [desireable behaviour #1] and [desireable behaviour #2] as they are reasonable alternatives.

Forces like [political opponents], [scientists that disagree] or [undesireable organisations and media platforms] need to be censored in order to not dilute the message of saving our planet

[emotional arguments #1-4] are just some examples of people who already suffer the grave conseqences of climate change

i hope you understand this

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That's why I used St John's Wort when I was sad, because hyperforin/hyperricin inhibit the reuptake of at least 5 neurotransmitters associated with wellbeing:

So obviously, having a broad-spectrum RI derived from a natural source is best (Perika is the best quality i found, standardized to 2% hyperforin). The timeline was also strictly bounded because the effects persist after 2 months. So I took full dose 2 months, 2/3 dose 1 month, 1/3 dose 1 month. I also ate a lot of fatty foods so my body could biosynthesize all the hormones with inhibited reuptake.

>You mean that talking about how you secretly want to fuck your mother is NOT the best way to overcome a spiralling metabolic deficit?
pic related

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Theoretically speaking ofc

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>IQ tests are invalid because niggers score low on them

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>naughty subject encountered. Initializing counterargument protocols.
>counterargument protocols not found. Attempting to boot naughty subject from safe space

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There was an insufferable autist like you in my uni (i assume there were many). He always made a deal about how he was more intelligent than everyone and everyone was just to dumb to understand him. It turns out the having some unique, quirky thought about something you read on wikipedia doesn't make you smart, and being a delusional narcissist just prevents you from ever learning. Basically you are pic related.

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