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Alright science bros mimicry in evolutionary biology has got me stuck in awe.

A species will mimic the biological characteristics of another species characteristics, like colors, sounds etc this cause species to improve or create new characteristics by an adversarial relationship.

In other words nature is competing with itself to get better at avoiding predators. This is odd and very interesting for a very reason. It seems like nature is aware of itself or something is watching outside the species. It literally changes the DNA and genetics of the species but how? The species cannot change its genetics.

I observe this phenomenon in biology at repetition. With different natural selection influences

Another interesting thing I observe is humans have very specific characteristics. That have intentional purpose like I’m happy angry sad exited inspired angry. And all emotions for a very specific reason. Like if humans didn’t love each other in romantic relationships what motivation would they have to stick together? If you didn’t have anger what defense mechanism would you have about being treated unfairly or attacking you? This seems very specific to a context and circumstance. How does nature come up with these concepts? How is nature aware of circumstances?How can it can create an emotion or characteristic outside the species itself?

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