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We don't do it on purpose it just kinda happens lol

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big dumbo question coming through but if you simulated a living creature precisely down to the atom, would it be alive and conscious?

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A question to any biology or medicine people here. I have some strange things on my mouth floor, behind the front teeth and under the tongue. They're like relatively large (I'd say 3 mm in diameter) round bumps under the skin that are slightly mobile if you touch them. They don't hurt and I've had them for as long as I remember. Never bothered me but then I got randomly curious. What the hell are those?

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>monkeys and birds survived from big rock hitting the earth
>dinosaurs didn't?


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Their success rate is lower than average.

I will start praising him when he actually does something instead of promising and investor baiting.

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So i got an injury on my nose and now there's this small white circle,bump thing there.I think i popped it,what is it? It's red around it and it hurts to touch it.What is it? I had it for 1 day now.

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I'm a second year pure maths major and i don't even know what a isomorphism and homorphism means.

Ever since high school I've been memorizing recent past exams (two years prior to the upcoming one and with similar content), and applying it to upcoming exam and I've gotten away with it for four years. I feel guilty that I don't understand mathematics, but boy maths is like the easiest major if you know how to cheat it. I don't even do problem sets.

Any /sci/ guys know this feel? Who here memorizes past exams and apply it to their upcoming exams?

I'm not a conceptual thinker btw.

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