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>Euclidean dot product is replaced
So it's not Euclidean.

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checked & danke.

dial 8

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How can we know anything if all axioms are based on nothing eventually?
>why is dirt like this well....
>why are dirts atoms like this....
Eventually we don't know, I feel like this is important can we ever truly know everything there is?

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what is the rationale behind the tone tone semitone ton tone tone semitone format of the standard octave?

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It's remarkably refreshing to see lib/ progressive bashing be more retarded than the progressive itself.

Way to shift the goal post there buddy. The nature argument is in response to the very popular claim that homosexuality is an unnatural behavior consequence of human perversion (often claiming that human free will is supernatural in allowing us to do so).

This argument is retarded, given the MANY (not rarely* on occasion*) cases seen in MANY animals.

This is not to make a normative claim based on natural tendency, but to dismiss the patently false widespread notion of it being a human perversion that is maybe sometimes exhibited is some animals in extreme

>cites a wiki link to show that information is extremely accessible, rightfully calling the guy a moron for not doing a 10 second google search.
>hur der triggered faggot
stay butthurt anon

>small fraction of a population exhibits behavior that is in direct opposition with surrounding majority ideology
>Person asks to what extend other exhibited behavior is associated with the social dynamic itself
This is literally the first question that should be asked, and you just dismiss it as an excuse to blame everyone else. You are pants-on-head retarded, friend, or just remarkably scientifically illiterate.

Look at all these raging liberal faggots amirite

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uh./? archemedian property.

[eqn]\min\{a,b\} \in \mathbb{R} \implies \exists {N\left(\epsilon , n\right)} \in \mathbb{N} \quad|\quad \frac{1}{N\left(\epsilon , n\right)} < \min\{a,b\}[/eqn]
So [math]\epsilon[/math] is the only unknown and we can solve for it.
[eqn]N\left(\epsilon , n \right) := \left(\epsilon n\right)^n \implies \epsilon = \frac{\sqrt[n]{N}}{n}[/eqn]

[math]\epsilon[/math] is now writen in terms of well defined arguments. and thus existence is proven.

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