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So when is Lamarck going to be vindicated?

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>The real numbers are dense, so induction does not work
>0 isn't a number
lol keep the excuse coming fren

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Plenty of computing pioneers were mathematicians. Can mathematicians still contribute to the field?

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If you have the opportunity to get credit for a good amount of your courses then I would say it is worth it, I’ve had a look at usyd and their courses as well as a brief look at uts, and they are really not as good. But if you can’t get credit for much, you may as well stay and finish at uts. I’ve heard that their math courses aren’t great so you might not get credit for those.

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What's the point of studying engineering physics over just physics or a more traditional engineering field? Is it a meme degree?

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How realistic is it to double major in physics and mathematics and finish in 3 years? Without taking any labs if that makes a difference.

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Serious question, why are electrical engineers so arrogant? I've never met an electrical engineer who didn't shit talk all the other engineering disciplines and the sciences.

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What kind of jobs are available for applied physicists?

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>Tfw lazy and just smart enough to understand that I am a retard and that I will never amount to anything.

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>graduated HS
How do I understand Mathematics? And by that I mean UNDERSTAND Mathematics, seeing the patterns, not just being able to solve the problem.

Thanks bros.

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