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You are all just quoting and paraphrasing other scientists that didn't know the answers.

The universe is simple.
It has no birthdate.
In the same way God has no birthdate.

It has existed forever.
It goes in a lossless cycle within a pure void of nothing.
If you measure it from the big bang.
As a reference point.
Like Time=0 seconds.
That's an arbitrary assignment of a time value.
It's not a "birth", it's just a node or peak in a sine wave.
You can measure the big bang half way through if you want
Measure it starting right now.
Timer started. What do we KNOW from astronomy. A very careful observational science.

Everything else in the universe is in our imaginations.
We are imagining those photos lol.
You can't even see most of it with the human eye or an optical telescope.

The universe cycles are pure energy and mass.
Visualise mass as compressed energy. Like when you shake water and those little bubbles form in the water. They overcome "surface" tension etc.
This is an analogy though.

So starting now.
We have energy in the form of electromagnetic radiation.
All the frequencies from the smallest Planck length we can measure to the asymptote of the speed of light.
The maximum frequency the light can reach, and because of the inversely proportional ratio of frequency to wavelength.
The wavelength gets too small to travel through its background electromagnetic medium or "aether" as the philosophers called it.
The medium becomes opaque, the wavelength cannot be infinitely small.
It has a Planck length limit as well people ;)
Or an assymptote at where the frequency approaches infinity.

And we have matter.
The binary universe
Waves are the analog.

Matter is either protons, neutrons or electrons.
There are no other particles.
There is nothing smaller than an electron.

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Hey man, what's your relationship with Tooker?

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It sucks that no one can grasp them because they are young earth creationist they lol.

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No it's my theory.
I discovered from doing a timeline of double slit experiments and doing them at my house.

Why don't you try it?
Why don't you look up what experimental apparatus they used to do the photon twin slit that showed wave particle duality.

I'll wait.
Scientific method requires an experimental write up or "method" for when other scientists need to reproduce the experiment and validate it.
Called a "peer review"

So it should be easy for you to find the paper with the method and the peer review.
Unless they don't use the scientific method and it's psuedoscience.

But this is the hoaxfag unified grand theory of everything.

I solved it.
Welcome to hell.

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I'm not your enemy man. This has nothing on do with either of us.
It's science not politics.
Sorry if I offended you, it is hard to keep track of all the "anon" handles.

The picture you posted is a light wave interference pattern.
There is no particle pattern present.
Your photographic evidence shows no suggestion of the particulate nature of light.

Check my photo for reference.

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