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You don't need a literally WHO's permission to call it by its real name.

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The CCP is in a perpetual state of internal warfare and the people always pay the price, if you think the the CCP gov is in any way prepared for the pandemic that's about to enter its second wave when its individual feudal rulers, from emperor down to kings, dukes, earls and below spend roughly 3/4 of their energy merely surviving politically you'll understand how the CCP is probably the absolute least effective government bureaucracy in the world and it would let millions of Chinese die and then bury the bodies and pretend nothing much happened rather than be an effective "wartime government" (against the virus or possibly their own bioweapon). The world seems to think "well the CCP is authoritarian but at least it gets shit done" but nothing could be further from the truth, they're just authoritarian, period. Authoritarian, totalitarian, and completely and utterly inept. The fact Hubei managed to prevent even worse was all down to Chinese people themselves, doctors, nurses and a few brave souls who put themselves on the line in order to try and begin to correct the CCP's fuckups. Millions of Chinese were just erased from the books almost like they never even existed, it would be criminal of the world to congratulate their murderers for any fictitious success when the second wave is about to take a much higher toll.

If you want to get a sense of where the CCP spends most of its time and energy on scheming internally, watch this video (turn subtitles on, change language to auto-translate to English or whatever)
And you'll know not just the CCP but the Chinese people are doomed to suffer from the virus much more than anywhere else in the end, because while the CCP is busy pretending the spread has halted and all China's new cases are supposedly from abroad (yes they're actually pretending all its new cases are imported) the virus doesn't give two flying shits about whatever politics and just keeps replicating.

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