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Mochizuki's blogposting, and he's not happy

>Current status report on papers on the Interuniversal Teichmüller theory (IUTeich): "The story of a miserable black hole emerging in the mathematical world" (01/05)

>So why wouldn't it be normal “peer review in the normal form” (eg, from submission of a dissertation to around 2016-2017) by the right researchers (based on their proficiency in the academic content of the dissertation)? is it. As pointed out above, I do not know anything about the mechanism of non-constructive "black hole state" generation or the identity of the generated "black screen", but some sort of (= complex and sometimes " It seems that the situation is caused by obstruction activities that make certain powers in the overseas mathematical world the "center of epicenter" by an indirect mechanism through "fake degree". Certain foreign powers in the mathematical world are those who are extremely hostile to me and my research (although it is clear from years of online writing and slander). There is much mystery about the cause of the intense hostility, and there is a strong impression that there are also a number of non-mathematical factors such as pure emotional theories and various social, cultural and political backgrounds. On the other hand, however, I think that a mathematical misunderstanding (which has been mentioned many times and will be explained in detail below) is also a major factor.

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