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The perfect post. I never thought I will see it in my life time.

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>Dogs are awesome, animals have this communicative potential if they are shown and trained! They can all think on a basic level! They dream, they wonder why and how!


We don't deserve dogs, they are too good.

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Just passed my quals

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Because you stopped exercise your brain. If this is the case, yes, you will forget everything you learned.

You should never ever stop learning things. You must be an eternal student. That's the true way.

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Engineering student here.

I need to tutor some kid in 11th grade math next week and I just failed a practice test hard.

Am I retarded?

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Anon, I hope you have a good day.
I hope your research is going well
I wish you the best of luck on your finals
You did a good job studying today
Stay motivated, anon. I am proud of you

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This made me laugh.

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PSR all the way brother :)
(I am replying to myself because no one responded to my post.)

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tfw when you are finally done exams after destroying your mental capacity and health for weeks

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not something I exclusively assign to Jews, but I sure do know that feel Adolf.

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thank you, brehs. i think i'm gonna make it after all.

anyone else with tips on self studying calculus/how important precalculus is for understanding calculus is welcome to jump in as well.

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>tfw first choice uni for mathematics sent me a letter of acceptance last night
Didn't think I'd make it lads, but I did.

What's your paper on, OP?

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>thread closed

That was one of the most interesting thread in /sci/ since forever : dinosaurs, whales, giant animals, fossils, evolution, archaeology, biology, physics.

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You may not feel good about yourself but I respect you, fellow anon.

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>Evolution is the most powerful explanatory tool of all time. It is a consideration in every area of biology from nano to macro. Not only is it powerful within biology, it is a major piece of empirical evidence for philosophers and anyone who wants to understand life. Religion dominated the globe for thousands of years. Absolutely dominated it. Evolution was thefirst major evidence that religion is wrong. The entirety of society was and is undergoing a shift to secularism and evidence thanks to evolution clearing the path.
>The only way someone can deny Darwin's impact is if they don't understand it.

Truly beautiful. This is Darwin.

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Am not him but there is also an extreme to having to much volatility, more volatility means more emotional trading from the people involved, means less structured moves more chaos.


If you actually had a trading algorithm that is anything more than the usual a+b=c crap, I highly doubt you would be stupid enough to make this information known or present the existence of such an algorithm. That's your edge faggot, guard it with your life. You write some good code, spend a few years deleting and rewriting the same shit, becomes an obsession, but one day it will work. That code will show you the real meaning of freedom

Don't go after the bitcoin market though, it will be a huge bottleneck to your success you'll experience many problems not with your system but with what you're trying to trade over a more matured asset class with a better infrastructure for algorithmic trading (cTrader, MT5, Broker Api)

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