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Is it possible for any individual human to understand every scientific article on Wikipedia?

Each article regarding anything researched in academia, uses field specific terminology. These terms, at a glance, would be lost on someone who didn't spend their career in that field.

I want to learn so much, but understanding just one article about anything cosmological requires me to reference a dozen other articles, which could send me down the same recursive rabbit hole.
Why is our science rife with obfuscation on this level? Surely, there is a better way to convey these terms.


I find this article to be far too verbose.

Who is solving the issue of obfuscated information? Show me where to throw my wallet.

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>Gravity is alleged to be gluons

That's a strange way to spell graviton.

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\delta_{ij} =
1, & \text{if } i=j,\\
0, & \text{if } i\neq j.

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Hi sci, currently at my first year of mathematics at University. The biggest problem I found so far is the logic behind mathematics and physics theories. While studying I often find myself asking "yeah, this step makes totally sense, but how do I 'reach' this idea by myself?". That's why I'm having many troubles studying, because I actively understand what I'm studying but can't seem to understand the ideas behind it, so that I can be able to recall the steps, for example in a demonstration, by myself. Any suggestions on how to overcome this difficulty? I think just memorizing this stuff is useless in order to be able to develop ideas in the future, but I find myself stuck at the moment

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Any big brains want to help a brainlet out? I have a 15 question quiz I am not feeling to confident on, covers inference for numerical and statistical data and intro linear regression. Would have to be done in real time. Willing to gift steam games in exchange.

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>sells consumerism
>rockets are consumerism

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Should I major in statistics with an eventual career in data science or go into pure math /g/? I want to make history.

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>what is volume
imagine being this retard stuck in the 2nd dimension.

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so it does loop?

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>How about yoh elaborate to me how it is that children can do it in other countries for thousands of year without issue
>hurr durr why do literal fucking sand niggers get to marry and fuck children but i dont wahh wahh
go back to the middle east then pedophile. moreover, what's even your argument here? "thousands of years ago" you could do something but you cant now? that makes it better?

>And why is it that we can reproduce at an age that they supposedly are not ready, or do not know better
>because children are capable of having children i should be allowed to rape them
pic related

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That's normal, dude. I struggle to do some simple divisions in the head sometimes, especially when I can't get an integer out of it.
Yesterday my gf asked me what was 46/5, then I crashed for a millisecond and thought "ok, let's do it step by step" then I proceed to divide 20/5, 20/5, 5/5 and 1/5, and then sum up the results. Took me a couple seconds after the brainfart, I'm really glad I didn't mess this up. I'm under the impression that she's always trying to jump me with random computations.

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>she says 0.999... ≠ 1
>I prove it
>"And? You can prove anything in math. I could prove that 1 = 0. That doesn't mean it's true."
She went on to say that 0.999... is "infinitely close" to 1, which no doubt made Archimedes roll in his grave to some non-infinitesimal extent.

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damn einstein is shaking in his boots rn

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You’re right I fucked up the math and did a quadratic equation because I had an x^2 leftover.

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Everything. All I know to do is how to compute sine, cosine, etc.

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>drones are just big flies

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>center of mass then
>constantly moving the flagpole so that your retarded question is legitimate

if it's finite then sure it has a center of mass, but there will almost certainly be no way to ever prove this by the very nature of having an accelerating expansion. there's already a horizon around us whereby light past that point can no longer reach us


>what the fuck has expansion to do with center? either it has a center or it doesn't

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Typical manic. I remember when I started some powerful antidepressants in my teens I went full manic for 2 days. I could see the meaning of everything. I started seeing patterns everywhere and thought I solved the meaning of the universe. Then it wore off and I realized I was retarded. Long story short, OP is definitely bipolar. Sucks for him.

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>The scientific field of psycometrics is pseudoscience
>source: my ass

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I shit you not, I mean what I said.
I am pretty good at grasping things, understanding them and applying them correctly, but I need to dwell on something for so fucking long to actually do so. Partly it may be due to me getting hung-up on definitions and concepts, but I feel I end up thinking about menial things for way too long, and it's starting to seriously be a hindrance; I can hardly keep up with my study course, because it will take me just so freaking long to actually understand the logic behind something.
Some time ago I went to a psychotherapy and when we were essentially done but still had some sessions left over I asked to take an actual IQ test for shits and giggles. It couldn't be graded because there was such a discrepancy between pretty much everything else, where I scored in the 130s/140s, and "processing speed" or whatever you'd call it, where I scored in the lower 90s ("Processing speed assesses the speed at which an individual processes information and the ability to react to the information. Processing speed sub-tests address nonverbal learning through the visual modality. Visual discrimination, selective attention, and visual-motor dexterity. Sample test items include searching for a specific symbol given a page of symbols, and identifying all animals among a group of pictures in a timed setting.", seems like what I remember the category measuring, from what I found in a website).
Does anyone here have any advice? I'd honestly appreciate it.

I'm a brainlet at coming to conclusions fast, even though I'm ok elsewhere. I'd appreciate any advice.

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This. Wouldn’t solar wind be toxic? Also, what keeps people on the inside of the sphere? Won’t they just fall into their sun?

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