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Probably the shittiest, most corrupt territory. Puerto Rico.

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I dislike how they are given modern facial features. No doubt because most people don't know what the flesh of a primitive person looked like. But I'm sure they would have look a lot more like this.

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Thanks, guys. This is OP, a picture of mine by the way.

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I really don't understand how people could possibly struggle with maths. It's basically the easiest subject and yet so many people fail horribly. What gives?

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Ha ha! Brilliant.

But really, although our ancestors were closely related to chimpanzees, they weren't actually chimps. Your image doesn't mention prognathism or the lack of a pointed nose I see. Blacks have these primitive physical traits and other races can just smell them out, we just know it's right if you know what I mean. Although we don't have a perfect explanation at present of why this is so.

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what do geologists do? what could be so complex about rocks? please explain i dont understand!!

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Well the one that actually did the "impressive shit" was .75 white had blue eyes and lighter skin than my hawiian cousin maybe the niggers just wanted to make a movie that makes whites look more evil and blacks not retarded apes

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