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You have to realize that it's not a huge amount of information. The information was produced from the head of an author. You have a pen and paper, and you try to reproduce the results, you read in detail where the stuff gets messy and you couldn't come up with it. The coming up with it is the most important, because eventually you'll be able to come up with 90% of the book yourself, and you are reading quickly, looking for the missing 10%. That missing 10% is the author's crucial insight.

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saved, see you next thread

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>India has been in strict lockdown for like 5 months
>India is now the hotspot of coronavirus
"Hurr lockdown works"

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good post, thanks, it's a really wholesome movie

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>Is this whole string of posts an epic shitpost or is it actually valid?
I can tell you it's valid, but you'll never know if I'm lying until you verify it yourself. That's the hard truth. Always question what you're told. You have to check it yourself to be certain.

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>high quality science content

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>no prove needed
My mistake. The problem is
>Prove that if [math]\Gamma[/math] is a tautology then there is a finite subset [math]\Delta \subseteq \Gamma[/math] such that [math]\Delta[/math] is a tautology

>how on earth can a set be a tautology?
Is a definition: a set [math]\Gamma[/math] of formulas is called a tautology if for every truth assignment [math]\phi[/math], there is at least one formula [math]A \in \Gamma[/math] such that [math]\phi (A) = T[/math] (true).

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