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>hurr durr these differences in their brains we can see MUST account for the difference
So, just toss out all actual science and go with philosophical psychological soft "science" mumbo jumbo? Tits or GTFO bitch.

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Hey guys!
I'm an early Java developer, and I'm having some trouble with a class.
For first,sorry if I post this on the wrong board. And here's the problem: I've made a new class which works like a database (objects arrays datas) and I'm working on two methods.
One of these methods should "select" the item from the array and let me transfer the fileds of the selected item into a new item, and the other should let me use that item.
With the second one I'm ok, but the select method won't collab. Even if I use set methods with the new item.
Some help?

Pic not related.

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