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>The Wikipedia article on science is a rigorous definition.
>But Forensic Science isn't science.

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But Bayesian optimization is the state of the art. Literally what did he mean by this?

t. optimization researcher

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Honest question: if you work harder than your peers on a more difficult subject that gives you more valuable skills than the average unskilled factory worker, why shouldn't you be entitled to pay that reflects that?

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>nobody, and I mean nobody will consider you if you don't have a CS degree

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You know, for a bunch of people on /sci/, you sure throw the word "retard" around enough to sound astoundingly ignorant.
After a while, the 4chanspeak you've accustomed yourself to loses all its meaning.
You're talking me back to 6th grade, anons. 6th grade, was a stupid, stupid time.
I can only imagine how rough it must be for grown ass adults who still run around spouting off about "retards."

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is it possible to have a planet like earth but like 10x larger in volume?

what i mean is, can a planet that has a rocky structure with varying elements form as huge as a jovian planet like jupiter/neptune/uranus? what limits them to being as big as earth/mars/venus/mercury? is there a gap in the equilibrium they each reach with respect to their mass and composition of minerals and gases?

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>not an argument

you don't know enough of the field to judge it. that's what it means to be credible to judge it. to be an expert in it.

>mfw you're retarded

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