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What classes should a math major take to be good at complex systems? It's a pretty big areas and it covers shit from graph theory all the way to measure theory.

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Is simping over a whore and dying at 20 genius tier? Abstract algebra and subsequently, Galois theory is hard to wrap you head around.
>Is his work inherently fundamental for mathematics?
You bet.
>Does his reasoning show an outstanding capability of organization and forethought?
>Did his work come as a sole result of his creative genius?

Galois was to mathematics what Maxwell was to physics, a brilliant man who saw pieces of a great puzzle and came up with a way to give backbone to mathematics, much in the same sense that Maxwell gave backbone to E&M via ideas that had been already provided by others. Galois was brilliant, but he was no genius, just a kid with plenty of time on his hands. A true genius would be something like Euler or Gauss

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What was there before the big bang?

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