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I also want to watch mathematics videos. It is just that I don't like looking at ugly women, that kinda ruins it.

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You are not missing out on much here. Just get a normie gf that can cook for you, love you, and most importantly: actually look like a woman.

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>you fail to realize that to a person (male or female) that are either geniuses or has contributed heavily to the math/science department are not going to focus on their looks dumbshit.

No homo but there are many attractive male scientists/mathematicians. Feyman looks really cute, and Tao looks cute. My main question is why are all the women who contribute to science ugly as hell?

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Absolutely fucking disgusting. She is probably the first literal 0/10 I have seen.

Stock photo, she isn't even a real math girl. And even if she was she looks ugly as fuck. 5/10

Literal undergrad sorority slut that got published because she sucked the other author's dick. Well, at least she is fuckable. I would put my penis inside this dickhole. 7/10

Literally dead and a diversity pick for the fields medal. She is also fucking disgustingly ugly. 1/10.

Disgusting as fuckin fuck. Her hair looks like a man's and her face looks fucking deformed.

/sci/, why are all mathgirls fucking disgusting to look at?

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>/sci/ obsessing over 5/10s simply because they are smart

Fucking hell people, have some standards.

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I saw many of you fucks telling me that the girl from PBS Infinite Series was cute and when I was trying to save you from your own SHIT TASTE you wouldn't let me. Well, here is the evidence. It's from her most recent video. Is this what you consider a woman? If you see this as something you'd fuck then get away from me because you are one beer away from wanting to fuck a man.

I mean, I know some of you guys are thristy for pussy but there's not much you can fuck here. At least not without wanting to kill yourself afterwards.

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