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mind giving more details?
>$600M if i am elon with team of super geniuses
$600M dollars to build a throwaway rocket to get a 1lb payload into low earth orbit? how? Falcon 1 was estimate by Elon to have been $90M to develop and that has a 180kg payload that has a possibly resuable first stage. that whole thing seems way overengineered in every aspect when the goal here is "fuck everything i just want to get a rock into low earth orbit". also is the vanguard not a 10lb payload rocket that was built on the order of 10s of millions of dollars in the mid 1950s? is the technology there a mystery? which parts of it are the most expensive? what reason is there for that not to be significantly cheaper today?
>dedicated launch on electron $7.5M
well there would be no logical reason for us to buy a dedicated launch anyway

>MSc Space Systems Engineering with satellite DSP and power systems experience
amazing. i was planning on making another thread in the future with more details if enough people responded here. i really should just make one now tho but i've been trying to figure out how complicated this really is on a scale of TempleOS to Need A Team Of Experienced Engineers And Hundreds Of Millions Of Dollars, and the internet keeps suggesting the latter but i don't see why

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>(((daylight savings time))) stole another hour, never to return
this just aint right...

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>global warming
why don't we just make a bunch of big A/C units and use them to cool down the earth?

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>implying calculus is important

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I need help giving a combinatorial argument that
\sum_{k = 0}^{N} (-1)^k S(N,k) = (-1)^N
where [math]S(N,k)[/math] are the stirling numbers of the 2nd kind. I am fairly certain that it uses inclusion-exclusion, but I am not quite sure how.

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