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Imagine having a conversation with someone about anything. Then a women busts in and starts telling you about her tampons. Then a 2nd woman starts arguing with the 1st about how pads are better.
Then they both turn to you and ask your opinion.

Now imagine these 2 people following you around everywhere you go for the rest of your life. Tampons or pads? If you pick a side I disagree with I'll call you an incel. Which is it anon? My side of the incel side? CHOOSE ANON! WE'RE TOO DUMB TO SOLVE OUR PROBLEMS WITHOUT DRAGGING EVERYONE ELSE IN THE ENTIRE WORLD INTO IT!! NO WHAT YOU WERE TALKING ABOUT ISN'T MORE IMPORTANT! ONLY MY HOT BUTTON TOPICS ARE IMPORTANT AND NOTHING ELSE!!!

gtfo here with this shit already

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