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Starting about three weeks ago, I went from lasting a normal few minutes to ejaculation literally in seconds overnight. Just gently squeezing the tip of my penis without lubrication results in an orgasm in a very short time. I made no changes to my diet or life at all, not am I particularly stressed. In fact, this started shortly after a stressor ended, that being midterms.

This has thrown my sex life and well being into chaos. I don't trust my local small town doctor and don't have money for medication. I've spiraled into a depression and cry just about every night. My girlfriend is understanding but I know the depression disturbs her. I can't figure out why this has happened or how to go back to normal. Please help me.

For context, I'm 19 and though I could be more physically active, I am not in terrible shape. I spend a lot of time on my school work and it can stress me, but I'm typically a very happy and cheerful person, although I was growing irritable more often before this happened. I'm not taking any perscription medications nor have I for nearly a year.

I'm extremely miserable. Please help me, if you can.

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