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this shit freaks me the fuck out. WHY are we aware and HOW. this makes no sense

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because I want multiple answers

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How do i defeat anxiety sci? Im a neurotic mess.

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What causes avoidant personality disorder?
It's not like i had family problems when i was a child or anything. I was not abused nor had huge traumatic experiences, and my parents were not overprotective or had bad habits.

Why bros?

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n-no more tendies

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>Biology just below sociology

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>thermodynamics final today
>have my 4 pages of notes allowed on the final
>go to class early so I can get a seat for the final
>everyone else must have thought the same
>have to sit on the floor
>professor comes in 10 minutes late
>apologizes then leads us in the pledge of allegiance
>passes out the exam popcorn buckets to us then the exams
>finally get the exam 25 minutes after we were supposed to
>3 problems
>he says we can start on problem one
>finish problem 1 in about 15 minutes
>have to wait till everyone else finishes it
>have to wait ~35 minutes before the last person finished it
>he says we can move on to problem 2
>problem 2 looks very hard
>at least 3 of my peers throw their popcorn buckets in the air
>halfway through doing the problem we have to stop for the pledge of allegiance break
>get back to working on problem
>10 minutes left in exam
>make few final calculations to collect partial credit
>try to turn it in before the buzzers go off since they always give me a headache
>everyone else does the same so there's a huge line
>submit my test
>while I'm in the middle of submitting my social security number the buzzers go off
>hurried outside by the bouncers so the girls' thermodynamics class can come inside to take their final exam
>instructed to send my social security number by text to the professor
>texts are $25 each to a different carrier
>he uses Sprint

I didn't throw my popcorn bucket like some of the idiots and can the leftovers right now

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