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Sense occurs in the brain.

For ex. Though it appears that hearing comes from the ear, that is actually the brain translating information from the ear and setting the sound that happens outside the ear to have a certain stimulus and in the ear to be recognizable. Hearing occurs in the top, left, front-back of the brain and can be registered.

There are lots of things you can tap into concerning the brain through the use of 'I am' or 'I are' this.

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Does that means we could make caffeine more potent or minimize foul taste of it so it's easier to guzzle it?

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It's tapeworm when you've been constantly rabidly hungry (normal weight gain or loss) and almost non stop exhausted for year, had bouts of stiff neck in past few weeks, started seeing white lines in feces and then got intestinal obstruction for past few days at which point you found something (after manual disloging) that looked very much like square segment (a little smaller than finger print), right?

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