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Which specific part of the video?
Those are cosmic rays. A form of ionising radiation. Ionising radiation can disassociate molecules.
Breaking them into protons neutrons electrons.
"Cosmic rays are high-energy protons and atomic nuclei which move through space at nearly the speed of light. They originate from the sun, from outside of the solar system,[1] and from distant galaxies.[2]"

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Now I know I'm a scary time traveller from the year 2020 or whatever

There are already using solar.....everywhere.
The cost has halved every 2 years since the 1980s.

You are listening to propaganda by the fossil fuel industries. What you are saying isn't true.

A normal solar panel gets like 300 watts at noon,
It's a sheet of hail storm proof glass that you put in the sun.
And it powered mankind's electricity needs.
Yes. It's very sci fi and alien and hard to believe.
People had solar in the 80s, it's just very expensive.
It's 40 years later. It is no longer expensive.

And the current generation collects power in ambient light and under clouds.
Just not as much.
So your house runs the exact same if it's cloudy for a few days.

That's also why you stay on the grid.
The grid you are already connected to.

Try to imagine a solar panel as a reverse light globe.
You know how your parents were always saying "don't leave the lights on it wastes electricity"
A solar panel is machine that turns light back into power ;)

Now luckily on peak times are during heatwaves and the middle of the day.
When the solar panels work best and support the grid almost for free.

And there are practically no solar accidents.

Also. Your phone, computer, car etc all use mining resources to be manufactured.

Solar panels use alot of sand, they are basically made of glass.

And the harmful rare earth elements are essentially vitrified.

There aren't many solar panels going to land fill. They have thirty years warranties. And they recycle them

Now I know none of you know what recycling is because you all had violent redneck dad's.
And if you tell them you are going solar powered or try to cut back on meat or get a black girlfriend they will literally beat the shit of you like when you were little.
But I don't see why that has to be mankind's problem.

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