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why are math and physics courses have such a toxic student base, most of them don't enjoy what they're studying and literally get joy out of watching people fail

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>upper division Ordinary Differential Equations course
>Math professor goes over basic algebra probably 20% of the time
>even dedicated half a lecture to long division and synthetic division
>holy shit
>has almost 5 stars on rate my professor
>we're on the chapter on Series solutions
>people are commenting in the ZOOM chat "oh man this is crazy stuff!"
>professor has to go over convergent series and basic geometric and taylor series
>missed points on my homework because I didn't do the ratio test on [math] \sum (2-x)^n [/math]
>it's obviously geometric with [math] 1 < x < 3 [/math]
>whatever, if that's how you want to grade go ahead
>get to first series solution problem in lecture
>he takes terms out of sums when not necessary
>makes it seem like the hardest thing in the world
>students literally don't know how to shift indices
>I just watch Among Us on Twitch for the remainder of the lecture and type "ty professor" when the lecture is over
>finding out literally all the brainlets take his class just so they can pass
>>prof never goes over proofs, never goes over interesting concepts, just assigns a stupid amount of homework and gives moderately difficult exams but only allows us 50 minutes to do them.

please tell me you don't use rate my professor as an actual guide to pick professors, what you should do instead is look over their syllabus and see if homework + participation + worksheets + quizzes are more than 10% of your grade, if it is then don't take it because the professor most likely caters to brainlets.

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