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>it's another "let's jerk each other off over our IQ scores" thread

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>taking introductory statistics course
>professor uses IQ as an example to describe every concept we learn
>constantly has to re-affirm the class that IQ is bunk science

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Why are the majority of math professors so utterly devoid of teaching capabilities? They sink many hours into becoming an instructor (disregarding the time it took to obtain a masters in math) and they know better than anyone what the course material is like, yet the majority of math professors I've had could not for their own lives adequately teach a class without causing confusion, and, subsequently, frustration on the part of the students. I've started supplementing my differential equations course with professor Leonard, and one thing I like about the guy is that he takes his time and doesn't shy away from drawn out explanations provided that it benefits the student. Why can't more math professors be like this?

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>thousands of surgeries are done
>some are botched
>"hey, guyz, look at this screenshot! That means that all tranny surgeries are like these"
You niggers are so stupid

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>Roommate is playing computer games and screaming at the top of his lungs into his headset while you're trying to write inductive proofs

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