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If addition is just a generalization of counting, in the sense that it lets you count an arbitrary number of times in the same step, and multiplication is a generalization of addition in the same manner, just as exponentiation is a generalization of multiplication, what would a generalization of exponentiation in that sense be like? Could it have any useful applications, or at least interesting properties?

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I prefer a number circle, beginning and ending with positive and negative infinities at the top and having zero at the lowest point. Then extending from the start and end points with different magnitudes of infinities extincting along could be thought of as the y axis. Then along the circumference of the circle you extend out the z axis with the imaginary portion of the number line to form a number cylinder.

I like to ask myself what number occupies the farthest points on the x axus, clearly it could be +/- ∞/2 but ∞/2 should belong at the top with ∞ then I start bashing my head with my palm and saying to myself stupid stupid stupid stupid so I give up thinking what lies on diffrent portions of the number cylinder and start wondering what could go inside it. And that's when I imagine the number cylinder as dense filled with other dimensional numberings, capped off the top like a mushroom head and I start fingering my anus as my thought experiment number dick fucks me over and over and over. Boomb bommb two fingers, four fingers I lika I lika, just them mom opens the door I roll to the floor behind my bed to hide my shame, everybody walks the dinosaur.

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